The new year always brings about a feeling of change: there goes another chapter in life and here comes the anticipation of what this next one will bring. You have your fingers crossed that this year will be better than the last — new friends, a work promotion, a healthy relationship, less stress and a diet you can actually stick to. For me, I’m using 2019 as an excuse to get my shit together. 2018, if I’m being completely honest, was not that great a year. I went through some big changes that I’m still trying to adjust to. I packed my life (all 10 luggages of it) and moved home permanently after my visa expired. I got out of a long-term relationship that I promise not to write about. I left a job I loved. I grew apart from people who I thought I’d stay friends with forever. There were, and still are, many days where I think I will never be as happy as I was in Los Angeles.

But looking back, 2018 was also important for me as an adult. It’s made me a lot more prepared for what’s to come. Toward the end of the year, I finally started to feel like I’m doing my 20’s ‘right’ and am prioritizing myself first. I’ve forced myself to be more social and to spend less time on Netflix (god, I miss Law & Order) and more time with people I love — even if it means drinking and not remembering the times we spent together. I have a new job and it’s not so bad after all. I’m starting to slowly feel like myself again pre-4-year relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

2019 will be all about me. No resolutions (mainly because it never works!), but just a new mindset to be better and to have more fun. No more second guessing, no more ‘what if…’ questions, and definitely no more scaring myself out of doing things I want. I know this year will be a good one because I will make it a good one. I can’t wait.

By  Chacha